Story of our Logo

Given that most of our TeluguWaru were born in India, and having made Australia our home, we wanted to ensure that the logo will have elements from both Indian and Australian symbols. We started with the flags and managed to combine the Indian and Australian flags at the middle while making the resulting rectangle in t o an ellipse to hint that the merger is dynamic.

Having brought the two ancient parts of the Gondwana land together again, we started looking for a specific symbol that succinctly depicts what our Association is about. After several iterations and considerations, we have zeroed in on the symbol of the Banyan tree and placed it in the middle of the logo in a circle with white background.

The Banyan tree has a trunk and several aerial roots. We relate the trunk to India, the Indian culture, our roots from India and so on. We consider the aerial roots of the Banyan tree to be several Telugu Associations distributed all across Australia and the globe - each one trying to establish itself while still getting some nourishment from the trunk and perhaps from other aerial roots! Thus, we not only see ourselves in our logo but the entire global Diaspora of Telugu speaking people. We are just one of the aerial roots and not alone. That gives us the confidence that is needed in establishing ourselves so far away from home. That tells us that in case of need there are other Telugu Associations in Australia and elsewhere on whom we may be able to depend upon and share our joys and sorrows.

It is not a coincidence that the canopy of the Banyan tree is in the shape of Australian mainland! This reminds us that we take sustenance from our adopted land - Australia.

As a third element of the logo, we needed to show something distinct from Western Australia - our new home. What better symbol than the black swan! After adding the symbol for Western Australia, it is but natural for us to add the symbol of Telugu culture - the age old and magnificent Kalasham.

It is hoped that for generations our logo will keep reminding us who we were and what we want to become and how!

President Message

Shyam Ambati
Vasanth Kuhaluri
WATA President
Dear PerthTeluguWAru...

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